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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Laura Hamblin Weybridge


Non-Surgical Body & Facial Contouring



HIFU offers a non-surgical way to embrace your natural radiance and achieve a smoother, more sculpted appearance. It works by stimulating your body's natural collagen production, leading to long-lasting results that can empower you for years to come – some lasting up to 1-2 years or more.

Reduce unwanted fat and achieve your desired look, whether it's a lifted and tightened face or a sculpted physique. HIFU provides a non-invasive alternative to surgery, allowing you to feel confident and radiant at any age.

Who can benefit from HIFU? This treatment is a great option for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution to:

  • Reduce unwanted fat and achieve a more defined look.

  • Improve skin tone and elasticity for a youthful glow.

  • Notice a visible difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, how does HIFU achieve these remarkable results? HIFU, or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, utilizes targeted ultrasound energy to reach deeper skin layers. This concentrated energy gently heats the targeted tissue, triggering the body's natural healing response. As the body repairs itself, it produces new collagen and elastin, the essential proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

This process effectively tightens the skin's structure, leading to a noticeable improvement in skin laxity, wrinkles, and overall texture. You can expect to see a gradual improvement in the weeks following treatment, with full results typically achieved within three months.



Feeling a bit apprehensive? Rest assured, HIFU is known for being a comfortable and well-tolerated procedure. Here's what you can expect during your treatment:

Step 1: Relaxation and Preparation: Laura, your experienced HIFU specialist, will welcome you and ensure you feel comfortable. She will cleanse the treatment area and apply a special gel to conduct the ultrasound energy.

Step 2: Targeted Treatment: Laura, will then use the latest technology to deliver precise ultrasound energy to the targeted areas. Most patients experience minimal discomfort, often described as a mild warming or tingling sensation.

Step 3: Aftercare: Following the treatment, Laura will provide you with aftercare instructions to optimize your results. This may include recommendations for sun protection and skincare.

The entire procedure typically takes 30-90 minutes, depending on the treated area.  Many clients even describe the experience as relaxing!

Ready to learn more? We understand that starting a new treatment can bring questions. Don't hesitate to ask Laura during your consultation – she's here to address any concerns and ensure you feel confident throughout the process.



HIFU delivers fantastic results on its own, but did you know you can unlock even greater rejuvenation by combining it with other advanced treatments? Here are a few powerful combinations to consider:

HIFU + Velashape III: This dynamic duo tackles stubborn fat, smooths cellulite, and tightens the skin for a sculpted, youthful appearance.
HIFU + Emsculpt: Build muscle definition and achieve a toned physique by combining HIFU's tightening effects with Emsculpt's muscle-building technology.
HIFU + RF Microneedling: Take skin rejuvenation to the next level! This combination addresses deeper layers for significant tightening and a refined texture.


Remember, the ideal treatment plan is tailored to your unique goals. During your consultation, Laura will assess your needs and recommend the best combination to achieve your desired results.



WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED? HIFU targets various areas like the face, neck, décolleté, and even down to the legs. If you have a particular area in mind, consult with Laura during your consultation to see if HIFU is the right solution for you. WHAT CONDITIONS CAN BE TREATED? HIFU excels at treating mild to moderate skin laxity, effectively tightening and lifting to combat signs of aging. During your consultation, Laura can assess your skin and goals to determine if HIFU is the best treatment for you. WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS? On average, full results are seen around three months after you’ve finished your course. HOW LONG DO HIFU RESULTS LAST? You can enjoy long-lasting benefits, with HIFU's effects persisting for up to a year or more. HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? Typically, one to two HIFU sessions are recommended, though Laura will tailor a plan based on your specific needs and goals. HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR THE TREATMENT? No special preparation is required for HIFU. Simply come with clean, makeup-free skin, ready for your transformation. AFTERCARE ROUTINE FOR BEST RESULTS? Maintain your glow with hydration and sun protection! CAN I RETURN TO MY NORMAL ACTIVITIES AFTER TREATMENT? Yes, a major benefit of HIFU is minimal downtime. You can resume your usual activities immediately following the treatment. While you may experience some temporary pinkness, redness, or slight swelling, these effects usually subside quickly. Many clients return to work or social events right after their treatment, with the option of applying tinted sunscreen for additional coverage if needed. HOW DOES THE TREATMENT FEEL? HIFU is known for being a comfortable procedure. You may experience some mild tingling or warmth, but most clients tolerate it well. HOW SAFE IS IT? HIFU is a safe and FDA-approved treatment when performed by qualified professionals like Laura. It provides effective results without radiation. WHO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HIFU? While HIFU is a great option for many, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you have very sagging skin, HIFU might be combined with other non-invasive treatments for optimal results. We will discuss this during your consultation to determine the best course of action for you. ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? While rare, minor redness or swelling may occur temporarily after HIFU. Laura will guide you on managing any potential effects.



Unleash Your Natural Beauty and Confidence with HIFU Treatments

This price list provides an overview of our HIFU treatment options.  For the most accurate and personalized quote, a consultation with Laura is recommended. During the consultation, she can assess your specific needs and goals to create a customized treatment plan.

HIFU Body Treatments 

Whole Abdomen | £695 
Upper/Lower Abdomen | £500 
Love Handles/Muffin Top | £350
Full Legs | £695
Inner/Outer Thighs | £500
Arms | £395
Bra Bulge | £250 


Save 15% with Course of 4 Treatments 

HIFU Face Treatments 

Full Face | £500 
Face & Neck | £700
Neck | £350
Chin & Jawline | £350 
Brow Lift | £250
Nasolabial Folds | £180
Décolleté | £300

Save 10% with Course of 3 Treatments 

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